13 Go-to Sites for Free Social Media Images

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Are your personal, social media images not getting the right atmosphere you want? Need websites where you can acquire free and diverse stock images?

If so, then here’s a perfect list for you:

  1. Pikwizard

This site is worth checking specially if you are looking for high-quality images of people. Pikwizard has excellent shots that would be perfect for commercial and editorial use. 

     2. Picjumbo 

PicJumbo is a free and popular resource of social media pictures. With over 600 free, high-resolution photos to offer, it’s no wonder that this site had already garnered more than five million downloads. 

     3. Pixabay 

Another option is Pixabay. It’s a website that offers almost half a million free images and videos that you can use for both personal and commercial purposes.

     4. Pexel 

Like Pixabay, images you pick from this website can also be used for personal or commercial functions. It is no slacker in the inventory department as well.

Pexel has almost four thousand high-definition images to offer.

     5. StockSnap 

Then, there is also StockSnap. This site offers images that you can filter into several categories. Namely, date, trendiness, download/view count, as well as keyword search count.

     6. Jay Mantri

If you are looking for awe-inspiring images, then you better go to Jay Mantri. The images in this site are all beautiful. But if you want a quick image search, then you can use the site’s archive view option for a more convenient search experience.

     7. Free Refe

Subject quality is the name of this website. Known for images showing “real life”, the options you can choose from are sure to elicit genuine emotion and appeal.

     8. KaboomPics

Like the resources previously mentioned, the images in this site are also available for personal and commercial use. Moreover, if you are looking for bright and aesthetically appealing Facebook images, then this site is definitely the perfect place to look for.

     9. Stockvault 

Stockvault’s pile consists of over 35,000 free images from artists all around the world.

Also, you can see more of what design services the site has to offer. Simply go to its “Premium Stock Photos” tab. Though, accessing this option will require some payment.

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     10. Life of Pix

Life of Pix contains high resolution stock photos. Since there are no copyright restrictions, you’re free to use their incredible photos either for personal or commercial purposes.

You can also visit their sister site Life of Vids to enjoy greater image content.

     11. ISO Republic

ISO Republic’s mantra is to provide high-quality photos that artists, bloggers, and different social media teams can take advantage of.

The photos are sorted into different categories like nature, people, architecture, urban, and anything under the sun.

     12. Startup Stock Photos

Need help in graphic works? Startup Stock Photos is the perfect site for bloggers. Even graphic designers, web developers, publishers, and everyone else may find this very useful.

It has an array of images that centers on professional environments. Surely, this site will be of greatest use to those writing or posting about anything business-related.

     13. RawPixel

RawPixel claims to have the most diverse collection of stock photos around. This site tries to change the face of stock photography.

It has started the (one) world face project in which people from different parts of the world are photographed. Also, RawPixel offers a dynamic collection of free stock imagery that you can use for any of your social media campaign.

For you to to learn more about websites that will give you free and fabulous social media images, visit Mark Web Designs.

We can further help you in utilizing these high-quality social media images that you can use for any of your needed graphic works. Logo design, book cover design, social media banner, and so much more. Contact us NOW!

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