4 Business Website Must Haves


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Is the physical world alone not giving you enough business traffic? Planning to expand your venture to the online world?

If so, then a business website is the way to go!

Here at Marq Web Designs , we build a variety of online platforms, including business websites. These websites, despite having different functions and different aesthetic appeals, all share four vital components:

  1. Terms and Conditions

When you create a website, it is beneficial to present a page that highlights the rules and regulations that users must follow.

Terms and Conditions page serves as a form of legal protection. Under this section, you should present the location from where the website operates. So, users will easily identify the legal system that governs your website.

You should also present disclaimers that limit your website’s liability on matters including, but not limited to, inaccuracies, errors, and statements made by third parties on the site.

  1. Privacy Policy

Want to gain the confidence of your website’s users? Then, provide a precise privacy policy.

Under this section, you will highlight the data you collected from users, such as last name, email address, physical address, and even credit card number. Aside from identifying basic information, the policy must explain the manner by which you collect, use, distribute, and secure data.

Most importantly, users should know how to change, delete, or even deny sharing information. Remember, a trusted website is a go-to website.

If you want to understand better why your business should have a professional website, read our previous article on 4 Practical Reasons Why Your Business Must Have a Professional Website.

  1. Site Map

A site map contains the list of all the pages on the website, arranged chronologically.

This site map is what makes a good website even better. Why do we say so? It helps site visitors easily locate a page. It also ensures that Google and other search engines are able to crawl and index all the content of the site.

Google notes that a site map is especially helpful for sites that are unusually large, have been launched recently, have internal pages that are not linked to each other, or have used rich media content.

  1. Copyright

Although any original content on the website is automatically protected under copyright law, we recommend that you add a copyright notice after you build a website.

This notice can help support your legal rights. It also helps you gain greater damages should someone steal any website content. It can deter infringements to occur.

A copyright notice should include:

  • The copyright symbol ©, or the words “Copyright” or “Corp.”
  • The year(s) the work was published, either as a list (©2017, 2016, 2015) or a range (©1998 – ©2017)
  • The name of the copyright owner (e.g. © 2017 Marq Web Designs)

It is also ideal to post your copyright notice on the footer of the home page to emphasize that you own each page of the website.

For additional protection, you can link the copyright notice to a dedicated copyright page on your site. Furthermore, you can add a copyright section to the Terms and Conditions page. It must highlight that you own the business website’s design and graphics. And that nothing on the site may be reproduced without your permission.

Want to know more about web development? Or maybe these things seem too complicated for you to accomplish on your own?

Our expert web developers can ease these tasks for you. Visit us at Marq Web Designs, and we can help you build the business website you desire!

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