4 Important Content Types Your Website Should Have


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How can your website’s content contribute to your company’s success?

Here are three reasons why good content is important.

  1. Compelling content can increase your sales.
  2. Consistent and powerful messaging can establish stronger brand awareness.
  3. A persuasive message strategy can generate new leads for your company.

While you plan your website, or as soon as your website goes live, make sure to include these four content types that would surely guide you to success. After all, content marketing is a strategic approach that centers on developing and distributing relevant, useful, and consistent content, so it’s no doubt a surefire way to send your online message to your target audience.

You may want to understand first why your business must have a professional website.

Check out these four content types that must be present on your website.

  1. Product Photo Gallery

    A picture paints a thousand words, they say. And that’s true for your website, too. Convince your potential customers that you can create something for them, or that you have products that they may need, by showing them photos of similar products or projects you’ve done for former customers. You must invest in good photography, and make sure that the pictures are in an organized photo gallery.

  1. Video

    According to a recent study in 2016 by the Content Marketing Institute, videos have been widely used by 89% of manufacturing companies, and 70% of them claimed that videos delivered good results for their business.

    There are tons of things you can do with a video on your website. Utilize this type of content to introduce your team and company, to promote your products and services, to illustrate some processes relevant to your audience, or to offer something useful for them. The options are limitless, and it is up to you on how you would maximize them.

  1. Testimonials

    Let the power of word of mouth do its work for you. Most people usually trust what other people say about a company, product or service, more than what you would say about yourself. Take time to ask reviews from your customers to let you gain new ones. You must ask for specifics about anything that stands out – your skills, speed, price, creativity, quality, etc.

  1. Helpful Resources

    Be helpful to your site visitors. Aside from providing them products or services they can avail from your company, make it a point that you are sharing some useful resources to them. It can be links to other important websites, worksheets, brochures, sample designs, instructional guides, and many more. You may create an online library where you can put all these helpful content in downloadable PDF format so they can easily access the information they need.

    Trust us, your potential customers will thank you for this!

Look into our Resources page and see if some information will be helpful for you.

After you’re done learning about all these must-have content types in your website, the next thing you need to do is put them into practice. If you’re unsure who to contact to help design a website for you, do not hesitate to contact Marq Web Designs and our creative team will be very glad to accommodate you.


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