5 WordPress Design Trends You Need to Know


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WordPress has been dominating the web for quite a while now!

You have surely encountered countless of superb websites your entire life. Are you wondering how those stunning websites are created? We’d bet that majority of those are actually built using WordPress themes.

WordPress powers more than a quarter of all the world’s websites. Because of this, you get access to a seemingly infinite range of WordPress themes, plugins, and inspirations to choose from. Let’s narrow down your choices by naming the best WordPress themes, plugins, and design trends that you can use to give your website a distinct personality. We’re putting you to an advantageous position by knowing what a WordPress website can offer you.

Take a look at some of the most significant WordPress design trends that are dominating the scene this 2017.

  1. Single-Page Websites

    You must have heard of the popular saying “There is beauty in simplicity.” And yes, WordPress sticks to that principle by introducing single-page websites for companies and individuals specializing in a single product or service. This design trend is strikingly straightforward, favourable for story-telling, and keeps visitors from getting distracted.
    Simplicity is indeed a fundamental factor to great usability, which is now a top priority for every website, considering that people use a wide range of devices to access the Internet.

  2. Parallax Scrolling

    Parallax scrolling is a quite recent web design trend that creates a fascinating illusion of depth. Some website developers say this technique increases viewers’ engagement and reduces bounce rates. Parallax scrolling is considered really fitting for single-page websites, but you have take caution on using it. Remember not to overdo the use of parallax scrolling on your website, and pay attention to how it impacts the readability of your WordPress site.
    When used well, Parallax scrolling can surely make your website stand out.

  1. Adaptive Images

    Nowadays a web developer must consider adaptability to build a website that’s responsive in any gadget. More and more users are turning to their mobile devices to access the Internet, and having a website that’s well-suited to small-screen browsing is indeed necessary.
    Among the very powerful WordPress themes that Marq Web Designs is using are Jupiter and Avada which all support adaptive images, enabling images to automatically adjust their dimensions on the user’s device. Obviously, this function can greatly result to a better user experience.
    You may want to see and know more about our recommended themes here.

  1. E-Commerce-Specific Themes

    If you are a fan of online shopping, you must’ve recognized that e-commerce businesses are giving their websites a facelift by shifting towards WordPress. Thanks to its design flexibility and a wide range of shopping-friendly themes available.
    The WordPress themes that we use can also be customized for an ecommerce website design, and can be integrated with a powerful plugin such as WooCommerce that can offer a more convenient and efficient shopping experience to customers of small- and large-scale businesses.

  1. Typography

    Web development companies have become even more innovative and creative these years. A web designer is no longer limited to a small selection of web-safe fonts, but rather employ more dynamic fonts, which is slowly becoming a standard element of web design, making stylized typography commonplace.
    What’s best here is that WordPress offers numerous typography-oriented plugins, and we’re expecting many more plugins in the nearest future.

WordPress is, by far, the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS). It offers so many features and tools that deciding where to start and which style to use to design your own website becomes mind-boggling. The good news is you can always seek professional help from website developers who can help you figure out which WordPress themes, plugins, and designs are more suited for your business needs.

Talk with Marq Web Designs’ development team, and let’s start building your much-needed WordPress website now!


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