6 Social Media Activities You Must Stop Doing

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Do you consider yourself as a veteran in the world of social media?

To make sure that you’re using social media the right way for your business, here are some reminders on what activities you must avoid:

  1. Publishing the same message across all platforms
    Not all social media platforms support the same kind of content. For instance, Twitter supports hashtags, but LinkedIn does not.  Also, your followers on multiple networks will find it redundant and even irritating if they see the same social content across different networks.

    Rather, create a unique content for each platform to target a specific audience, and ensure maximum engagement.

  2. Using too many hashtags
    Using hashtags make your content easily recognized on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, but remember that too much of a good thing is bad.

    Thus, be deliberate when choosing your hashtags. Have your followers focus on what you’re saying instead of what you’re hashtagging.

  3. Sending automated thank-you messages
    An automated online message sounds impersonal. It doesn’t make your followers feel any special.

    A good message strategy is to spend some time to check your followers’ social media profile. See if you share anything in common. Then, include it when messaging online to engage with your new followers.

  1. Trying to jump on every trend
    Just because there’s buzz around a topic doesn’t mean people want to hear from you on it. If it’s not relevant to your brand and target audience, don’t force yourself to use popular memes or any random trending topic to engage with your followers.

    Rather, ask yourself. Is what you’re sharing relevant to your brand and audience? If not, don’t post it at all.

  1. Not responding to and engaging your audience
    Social networking platforms are where people meet and interact with your brand. Make sure that there’s a two-way conversation for a fruitful outcome.

    Also, encourage your followers to ask questions and provide their feedback. As a social media expert, facilitate the discussion about your products or services.

  2. Keeping your social media accounts private

    A private social media account can leave your audience wondering about why you keep it private. Could you be hiding something? Remember that just because a user does not follow you on social media doesn’t mean he or she does not search you up on Google to see your social media activity.

Thus, if one of your social media channels is not yet ready to be launched, inform your audience that you’ll be online sometime soon. Write a simple, “Thank you for following us! We’re working on some great updates for you!” so your followers will feel appreciated.

Want to ensure that you’re on the right track when using your social media channels? Visit Marq Web Designs, and we’ll lead you to the right path!   

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