6 Successful Ways to Use Video in Building Your Brand


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Trying to create your own brand identity? Building your brand shouldn’t be as frightening as it sounds. In fact, using online video can be the key! 

Videos capture users’ attention. These also help you increase website traffic. As a matter of fact, companies that utilize online videos see 41% more web traffic from search than those that don’t. Using an online video even attract sales. According to Animoto, 73% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video. Now, how will you start building your brand?

Here are  6 ways to guide you in developing an effective advertising:

  1. Share Your Own Brand Story Instead of following the old school way of presenting the Mission, Vision, and Values on your About page, be more artsy by using an online video that shows your own brand identity – who you are as a company and what your edge is over your competitors.
  1. Offer Comprehensive Tutorials Provide how-to videos to show how your product works, to highlight the value of your products or services, and to showcase your company’s expertise. You can also include steps on how your potential customers can avail your products or services so they have everything they need.
  1. Build your Credibility through Customer Testimonials Testimonials are a great way to establish customers’ trust. Although a written testimonial is fine, a video of a customer testifying the effectiveness of your products or services makes the advertising more authentic and personal.

Check out “Unstoppable Momma” Rhonda Swan’s appreciation of Marq Web Designs’ team when we worked on a project with her last 2016. We delightedly wrote about it on our post entitled Huffington Post Mentions Marq Web Designs

  1. Evoke Emotions Create a video that appeals to users’ emotions. This is one successful brand marketing strategy! What kinds of problems has your company solved? How many lives have been changed through your products or services? Illustrate these in your videos.
  1. Gain Higher Email Open Rates Attach a video in an email, and highlight it in the subject line to increase open rates by 20% and as much as triple click through rates. Rather than simply embedding the online video in the email itself, include a thumbnail of the video in the email. Then, link it back to the video on YouTube or your home page.
  1. Increase Conversions on Your Landing Page Landing pages work best when they aren’t bogged down with too many words. Watching a video is easier and more enticing than reading a lengthy text. It’s also one great way to inject some personality into your sales pitch.

See other important content types  that you should include on your website.

Want to take the challenge of building your brand using video? Talk to us, and together, let’s make advertising fun and effective!

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