Avoid These 6 Website Don’ts that Might Kill Your Business


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Not exactly prepared for a full website redesign but rather need to make a couple changes that will, at present, yield results?

Here are some normal mix-ups you may be guilty of on your website, and how to settle them.

1. Not expressing your identity and what you do

Do not think your customers recognize you or that the graphics on your website make your brand identity clear. Your landing page ought to have a short, clear explanation clarifying what your organization does. Abstain from being dubious or graceful, and ensure your brilliant slogans don’t overwhelm that apparent mesaging. On the off chance that it takes a potential customer more than several seconds to make sense of what you do, they will clear out. To supplement your welcome message, make sure to have a strong About Us page.

2. No captivating content

Having content that gives genuine benefits to your readers not just helps you gain the trust and loyalty of your current clients and change prospects into customers, it likewise supports your site rankings. Concentrate on giving enticing, fascinating, elegantly-composed content that helps your audience deal with their issues.

Also know why your business needs a professional website.

3. Moderate load times

As experts say, a one-moment delay in load time can bring about a 7% decline in leads conversion and a 16% downturn in customer satisfaction. 47% of customers anticipate that a site will load in two seconds or less. In cases when your site doesn’t meet that benchmark, not exclusively will you push customers away, you’ll be punished by Google in search rankings, too.

Web page design and components, for example, scripts, templates, oversized pictures, Flash animations, and videos can all impede your website’s overall performance. Check your website’s page speed with free tools like GTmetrix or WebPageTest, which likewise give advice on optimization if your results are below average.

4. Indistinct route

If visitors to your website can’t immediately get what they’re searching for, they’ll easily back down. Avoid losing them by making is structure that is coherently organized, natural, simple to utilize, and outlined around the necessities of your site guests.

Keep menu items to under seven, and ensure the most-visited pages can be effectively noticed (check Google Analytics to see which pages are generally prevalent). Try not to get excessively inventive—put things where they generally go (like Contact in the upper right corner and organization address in the footer), and add a sitemap as much as possible.

5. Low readability and scanability

A website can be hard to read for some reasons:

  • a jumbled outline
  • poor color selections
  • tiny font styles and sizes

Ensure your website utilizes hues that supplement each other, at the same time use various font styles that are decipherable and not very small, and a spotless web page design with a lot of blank area.

 6. No call to action

Your clients might be prepared to convert, yet they can’t purchase, take in more, join, or make whatever move you need them to take unless you ask them to. You need to have a workable call to action at the end of your content. Make your call to action as direct and compelling as possible to make sure that you get your customers to take action.

Without reevaluating your online presence, you can actually refresh your website by avoiding these six key factors.

If you feel these are just too much for you to handle, don’t worry. You can contact a web developer who can surely help you figure these things out. The good thing with consulting professionals is that you can be assured that they know what they’re talking about, and they’re certainly their to help you out.

Talk to Marq Web Design’s web development team now!

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