7 Secrets to Make Your Online Content Stand Out

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Do you already have an awesome online content, but simply find it difficult to get your audience to notice it?

Here are seven ways to ensure that your content gets the attention it deserves:   

  1. Choose which platforms and channels you’ll use to distribute your web content.
    Are you going to use all social media platforms? Or, are you going to use Facebook and Instagram only for a specific content like food? Choose the platform/s that you think are appropriate for your content.You can also use an editorial calendar to ensure that you create and share content consistently.
  1. Add visuals like photographs, memes, GIFs, videos to your social media posts.
    This makes your online content more engaging.  Also, studies show that 65% of the population are visual learners.Hence, they are more engrossed to read a content with visuals in it.
  1. Promote your content on your social media channels.
    Write a short yet strong blurb, and provide a link to take them directly to the relevant post.Feel free to share the social content many times. But, just use a different headline or an attention-grabbing hashtag for your post.
  1. Find reputable figures who specialize in the craft.
    Then, ask them to share or tweet your content. Your followers will also have more confidence in your content as they more credible influencers share them.Also, this means more followers are coming!
  1. Develop easy-to-find social share icons.
    Let your audience easily share the posts that apply to them. The more they can relate to the posts, the more they can remember it. Also, the bigger your chance is in attracting more followers.
  1. Help people find your writing content by optimizing your content for SEO.
    Doing so will ensure that people searching for topics see your content high up in search results.
  1. Look for other blogs in your industry.
    Read and comment on them. Perhaps, if you have written similar work, talk about it, explain how related it is and what value it provides, and then post the link.

Want to know more about how to hook your audience to your content? Afterall, what is content without traffic?

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