Create a Killer Company Blog With These 8 Tips


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You began a company blog since you know all the considerable business advantages of blogging and all the genuine outcomes that effective blogging can bring.

Presently, how would you ensure that your company blog conveys those outcomes and makes customers returning for additional info?

Learn how to make a blog more powerful using these 8 tips we got from experts in the field.

1. Know Your Audience

The thought behind a company blog is to make content that will speak to your ideal customer. To do that, you have to know who your customer is. To completely comprehend your target audience:

  • Conceptualize with your frontline workers (sales, customer service, support, and so on) to recognize regular customer issues and inquiries
  • Review your customers about their preferences, inclinations and longings
  • Go through the comments area of your blog to grasp what truly matters to your readers
  • Keep an eye on your social media channels to know what your customers are thinking and feeling
  • Check website and social analytics to see which blog posts are being read and shared

2. Concentrate on What Your Audience Wants

Since you know your audience well, you ought to have the capacity to create a blog post that they’ll be interested in. Each and every blog post you make should improve your customers’ lives somehow, and it must concentrate not on what you need to tell, but rather on what your customer needs to know. The least demanding approach to do this is to concentrate on a typical customer issue and make content that will help take care of that issue.

 3. Get Readers’ Attention with a Catchy Title

In case you’re investing hours making a pitch-perfect blog post yet just two or three minutes creating a headline, you’re not giving the title the consideration it merits. Traditional copywriting principle has it that you need to invest as much energy in your feature as you do on your article. Titles ought to be specific, provoke a powerful feeling, contain related keywords, and provide a reward for reading the rest.

4. Create a Blog Post that is Visually Attractive and Easy to Read

Data winds up noticeably 65% more significant if a picture is incorporated.

The hard truth is that not very many individuals read blog posts from beginning to the end, so don’t hurl another obstruction by utilizing thick blocks of content. Make your company blog posts engaging and simple to read with:

  • Bullet points and numbered records
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Content callouts

Aside from them, always add an image, regardless of whether it is an infographic or a picture. As indicated by the so-called picture superiority effect, if you include an image to an article, the information ends up noticeably 65% more remarkable.

5. Do Not Worry About Word Count

While some research propose that longer blog posts with about 2,000 words or more may rank higher in Google and get more social shares, the most imperative thing is not length, it’s quality. An astounding 500-word blog post is considerably more successful than an average 3,000-word post, so concentrate on giving value to your customers as opposed to going for some mystical length.

6. Make an Editorial Calendar

Take your rundown of topic ideas, and make an article schedule with the subject, post date, writer, and some other important data. Ensure you’re properly arranging time-delicate posts or those identified with a season, occasion, or inner or outer occasion (Mother’s Day, back to class, late news, and so forth.). Choose how frequently you’ll post—the more blog posts the better, however creating content requires commitment in terms of time.

7. Advertise Your Blog

On the off chance that you’ve made an incredible blog, don’t simply relax and wait for the readers to come in as they most likely won’t. Highlight recent posts on your landing page, promote them on social media, like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Twitter, and incorporate noticeable share icons so readers can share any blog post that they enjoyed.

Find out how social media marketing can help you.

8. Don’t Make Your Blog Post a Dead-end To Your Readers

Don’t keep your readers hanging after reaching the end of your blog post and they’re hooked. Direct them to some place they could go next. Give a rundown of related blog posts so they can continue reading, or add a call to action to turn your reader into a lead by offering an incentive like a free ebook or consultation.

If you are still visualizing how your company blog would look like, we suggest that you seek help from a web developer so you can maximize the full potential of your own blog sites. Starting a blog may be tricky, so get all the resources and professional assistance you need to make sure that your company blog will be a success. Marq Web Designs’ development team can help you with that, so contact us now.

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