Facebook Contest Rules: The Musts and Must Nots

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Planning to create your own Facebook contest? Make sure to understand Facebook contest rules first to avoid any complication or violation.

Let’s take a look at some musts and musts nots of Facebook rules:

Facebook contest rules: Musts 

  1. You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Facebook contest rules can vary significantly between countries and even within countries. Hence, you must do your research to ensure that your contest follows all relevant legal rules and regulations, including age and residency restrictions.

  1. You must emphasize that YOU are offering the contest, not Facebook.

Your must make it clear that your contest is in no way related to or sponsored by Facebook. This means that Facebook is not responsible for any issues related to the contest, so you run the contest at your own risk.

Facebook contest rules:  Must Nots

  1. You must not run a contest on your personal Timeline.

You must remember that only Business Pages can be used to run a contest. If you only have a personal Facebook profile, create a Facebook page for business before you launch your first contest.

  1. You must not encourage tagging to enter.

You must keep in mind that Facebook includes in their contest rules that “Tag your friends in this post to enter” is prohibited.

Check for changes as Facebook regularly updates its rules. Check out the Facebook Pages Terms, and scroll down to Promotions to find the specific rules that apply to contests.  

  1. You must not encourage sharing the contest to gain extra entries.

You must take note that Facebook prohibits “friend connections” to administer contests. This means that you can’t “share on your Timeline to enter” and “share on your friend’s Timeline to get additional entries.”  

You can only ask users to like or comment but never to share your contest. Also, you can ask them to post on your Page or message your Page.

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Facebook contest ideas and examples 

To help you decide what form of contest suits your business goals, let’s take a look at these Facebook contest ideas:

  1. Photo caption contest

This caption contest is a simple yet effective advertising.

You just have to pick a photo or graphic that captivates your Facebook goals (e.g. brand awareness), and encourage people to comment their caption ideas. You can either choose the winner yourself or pick the entry that gets the most Likes.

  1. Like or comment to win

“Like to Win,” “Comment to Win,” and “Like and Comment  to Win” types of contest are easy ways of facebook promotion, and these can increase fans’ engagement.

Just share a photo, video, link, or even a simple status update to get your Facebook contest started.  

  1. Knowledge-testing question or trivia contest

When you ask a trivia question about your industry or product, you get a chance to highlight its features or benefits. This is one way to also reap the benefits of effective social media marketing.

However, make sure that while you model this contest idea, you do not break the rules.

  1. User-generated content contest

As the name suggests, the content is generated by users. Facebook competitions that offer exciting prizes for your fans who post great photos or other content are a great brand strategy.

Want to know more about Facebook contest rules and gain more insights for your own Facebook contest? Talk to us NOW so we can help you in building your brand and making your online presence stronger as ever!   

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