Why Should You Go for a Website Redesign

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A website redesign can be a major turning point in your business, but it takes a great deal of time, effort, and resources, so it’s not an easy decision to make.

However, this decision should be largely based on whether or not your audience is effectively engaging with your site. Afterall, they determine the success of your website.

Now, here are some reasons why you should consider a website redesign and how to determine if you need one:

  1. Your website should represent your brand and values

If you have an updated website, you are making a statement: your company is strong, forward-thinking, and you probably have one of the best websites.

Also, using new website design elements to tell your story will give you more opportunity to engage your audience and leave a strong impression.

For instance, you can redesign your website by showcasing the industries you have helped and served or by introducing new and interesting features that suit the goals of your company.

  1. You should make your website easier to use and navigate

From a user’s perspective, rate your own website.

Consider what makes a good website. Is your website easy to navigate? Is the content clear with a convincing call to action? Can you easily use your site with your mobile phone or tablet?

If it takes you quite a while to find the information you’re looking for, then it’s a sign that you need a website redesign. Take note that your website should be mobile-friendly to keep up with Google’s algorithm updates.

  1. You should stay competitive in your market

Check out the websites of your key competitors. Compare them to your own site. Is your website at par with theirs? Well, you can be the leader in your industry, but if your site is the last to upgrade, it’s about time for a website redesign.

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  1. You need to reinvigorate your marketing efforts

As you plan your digital marketing, note that your professional web development should have the following:

  • SEO-friendly URL structures and tools for keyword optimization
  • Conversion-focused Products or Services pages
  • Landing page templates for paid advertisements and email campaigns
  • Blog and news templates for content marketing
  • Social media integration
  1. You need to add new technology and functionality

Investing in e-commerce, robust case studies, or a custom quoting engine? These tools would be more beneficial on updated technology. Adding a bolt-on tool to outdated websites is usually less effective and costs more than new web development projects.

Also, new Content Management Systems are easier for a web developer to update content and tools.

  1.  You need it in launching a new service or product

Your new product or service might not fit cleanly into your existing website structure.

The good news is you don’t have to create own website. You can just redesign your website to have more options to extend your sales goals.

Our web developer can help accomplish this task for you.

Need more help in deciding whether you will go for a website redesign? Marq Web Designs is more than willing to help you see if you need it. Let’s work together to achieve your business goals! Call us NOW!

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Why Should You Go for a Website Redesign

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