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Winning a client’s trust is indeed the greatest fulfilment for us who work in the back-end production as web developers.

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It’s the priceless reward for the hard work and dedication that we put into every project that we work on to help our clients achieve their business goals.

November 2016, Jenny Jordan, CEO of Need a VA and Marq Web Design’s founder Mark was mentioned in a Huffington Post article written by one of the satisfied clients our team has worked with. The founder of the Freedom-Preneur Movement, “Unstoppable Momma” Rhonda Swan talked about how she collaborated with us, and worded her satisfaction by saying:

[mk_blockquote font_family=”none”]…with the help of Mark Holanda our “Sexy Blog Artist.” I may work with them on their brands and message, but Mark and his team turns it into a reality. Great partnerships are one of the most important and cherished relationships you can have in business, especially one’s with integrity and work ethic like you have.[/mk_blockquote]

Making our clients satisfied with our work is indeed one of our responsibilities. But getting our clients to talk about us and make the effort of mentioning our team in an article posted on an internationally renowned blog site like Huffington Post is another thing. More than feeling grateful for recognizing our work, it also challenges us to continue delivering first-rate web services to our clients from different parts of the world.

Marq Web Designs is a website development company based in the Philippines. We work on creating versatile and innovative web and graphic designs for small- to large-scale businesses, and we make sure to provide high quality outputs that matches our clients’ needs and goals. If you’d like to know more how our web development team can help you, don’t hesitate to talk to us or get started here.


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