Mobile Friendly Website: Why You Need It


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A mobile friendly website means your regular website can shrink down to be small enough to fit into a mobile device’s screen size.

There may be a lot of zooming, pinching, and scrolling that would take place. But your mobile friendly website is fully-functional and responsive, plus it still looks awesome.

Research show that there is an increasing number of people who access the Internet through mobile devices, such as smartphones, more than desktops and laptops. That only implies that you are at a serious disadvantage if you still have no mobile friendly website.

So, why should you have a mobile website design? The reasons are simple yet practical.

  1. Google wants you to have it.

    Google prioritizes websites which are mobile-friendly in mobile search results over those which are not. It’s plain and simple. Google only considers mobile friendly websites as legitimate in search results. It wants to display what users would need, and discard the useless ones (i.e. websites which are not mobile-friendly).

    So, if you want to rank better on Google, you should opt for a mobile website design.

  2. People everywhere use mobile devices.

    More and more people are accessing the Internet using their smartphones than desktop or laptop computers. It is just natural for you to follow what is popular among your target audience.

    Since they go to mobile devices to access their social media accounts, visit random websites, go online shopping, and anything else. Your website should adapt to this trend, and make sure it has a responsive web design.

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    People want to connect easily and get what they’re looking for quickly. But if you can’t respond to this change, then you can’t provide your potential customers this type of experience. Worse, you might be losing them.

  3. More customers can be reached, faster.

    As stated in no.1, Google would rank you better if you have a mobile friendly website.

    If your site can be easily seen and visited by more people, then you’re increasing your chances of meeting potential customers who’d avail of your products and services.

  4. It makes you more credible.

    Building your credibility with your customers, clients, and partners in the industry becomes more possible by having a mobile website design.

    Anyone who visits your site from a mobile device will surely have a good experience. And will therefore perceive you as a credible source for information, products and services.

    Ultimately, this can impact your reputation in the industry.  Your site visitors would remember you for a proper, rewarding and better experience with your mobile website design.

  5. You will be considered modern and relevant.

    Your company might be offering the most useful, unique and innovative range of products or services on the market. But if your website is not mobile responsive and looks cluttered on a mobile device, then your site visitors would see you as a digital dinosaur. This might cause them to immediately leave your website and look somewhere else.

    On the contrary, a mobile friendly website is seen as modern and trustworthy, and considered at the forefront of innovation. This makes you appeal to more site visitors, and turn them into satisfied clients and customers.

Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly are slowly becoming dismissed by many users, so it’s just wise to invest in a mobile friendly website design that can put you head and shoulders above your competitors.

If you want your website to perform well, generate more leads, and increase sales, you need to turn it into a mobile friendly website. Seek help from professional web development companies who can assist you in this goal. Talk to the web developers at Marq Web Designs NOW.

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