Mobile Website: 5 Key Terms and What They Mean

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Here at Marq Web Designs, we prioritize the creation of a friendly and optimized mobile website. Hence, we always update our older sites to make them mobile-friendly. 

Making sure that our work yields positive results for our clients is our top priority. So, we keep up with the times, and ensure that the websites we develop are always up-to-date.

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As a website owner though, you need to grasp important terms so you’ll know what your web developer talks about. Say no to overwhelming jargons. Understand these key terms better, and find out how they can be a big help to you.

5 Mobile Website Terms To Know

Take a look at these key mobile-related terms and what they mean for you.

  1. M-Dot

When the mobile revolution started, many websites opted to create a separate mobile site. They developed those with a different URL that started with the “m-dot” prefix. (e.g.,, or

When mobile users visit the main site, they are redirected to the m-dot site. This gives them less content and simpler navigation.

What’s good here? It’s the ability to quickly create mobile sites, which highlights what users usually look for, like phone numbers and directions.

The bane? Maintaining two different websites required extra resources and made link-sharing problematic. So, users looking for content from the desktop version might find it missing from the m-dot site.

Google’s mobile-first index initiative may penalize companies that have stripped-down m-dot sites.

  1. Mobile-Friendly

A mobile-friendly website refers to any site optimized for convenience when using mobile devices.

The mobile web design includes larger and touchscreen-friendly buttons. It also has optimized images. In addition, it contains click-to-call phone numbers, and content intended to be easier to read on a small screen.

Mobile-friendly is a generic term to describe a website optimized for display on mobile devices. Examples are iPhones, Android phones, and tablets.

  1. Mobile-First

Mobile-first is not a specific type of a mobile site. It’s a state of mind that guides website design and development.

Traditionally, a mobile website design is designed with the desktop user in mind. Then, came a mobile version made by simplifying and stripping down elements from the desktop version.

Now, with mobile-first design,  designing the mobile version of a website comes first. Enhancements are only made to the desktop version whenever necessary.

Mobile-first is a design philosophy with the goal to allow mobile users to maximize their use of the different features of a website.

  1. Responsive

Responsive design is the current standard in mobile optimization. It enables a website to adjust its styling depending on the screen size of the device being used. It requires no separate page layouts for different device sizes. And, it gives every user an experience matching the device they’re on.

Responsive design is the current standard for mobile-optimized websites. In addition, it gives all users an experience suited to the screen size they’re using.

  1. Adaptive

A mobile website is adaptive if it utilizes a unique page layout for every device.

That is, the server detects the type of device (mobile or desktop). Then, it loads the appropriately configured page layout.

This adaptive design turns an older website into a more mobile friendly website without starting from scratch. It also gives the web developer total control over how the site will appear on different devices.

This is beneficial for the more complex layouts required by some ecommerce sites. Though it’s still a viable option for retrofits, most new sites do not use adaptive design.

These mobile-related terms might be simple. But these can pave the way for your mobile website’s success. Before setting off your web development process, make sure you know these terms.  Understanding them is the easiest and most practical thing you should do. 

We’ll be very glad to help you build a mobile web design. For more essential terms that you need to know, talk to the experts at Marq Web Designs. And together, let’s create a mobile website like no other.   

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