How To Plan Your Own Facebook Contest

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When you decide to run a Facebook contest, you don’t just broadcast it immediately on Facebook. You need some careful planning to attain specific goals.

We give you these steps to a successful Facebook contest:

  1. Set goals
    Like all marketing strategies, you need to ensure you design your facebook contest to produce your desired outcome.

    Are you using a contest to build brand awareness? Are you using it to increase your Page Likes? Or, are you using it to drive traffic to your website?Answer these questions first before you start building your contest since your contest strategy will vary depending on your goals.

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  1. Offer a prize that resonates with your audience
    The kind of prize you offer and how much it’s worth will also vary depending on your Facebook contest goals.

    If you simply want to boost engagement, offer a relatively low-value prize that’s appealing to a wide audience. If you’re asking people to submit content such as photos, that you can use as your marketing materials, you may need to offer a prize with a higher value.

    However, note that it’s not about the value of the prize. It’s about how well it connects with the most relevant prospects for your sales team.

    Don’t offer a broadly appealing prize like an iPad in a contest designed to qualify leads. You’ll attract plenty of entrants. But they will be about as qualified as random numbers from a phone book.Stick to something specifically related to your product so that you can qualify leads.

  1. Keep things simple and easy to participate
    A typical Facebook contest includes: Like, comment, upload a photo, or some combination of these.

    But some contests have complicated entry processes, with multiple steps that ask for far more information than most people are willing to give.

    eMarketer estimates that more than 80 percent of social network users log on with a mobile device, so you may want to limit the entry process to a few clicks or taps. Be sure to test your contest entry process across all mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Windows, tablets,etc.).

    Also, make your rules easy to find so that people can understand exactly what prizes they can win, and how and where you will use any personal information that they will provide.

  1. Use paid promotion to extend your audience
    You may want to invest in some Facebook advertising if you want to draw more attention to your Facebook contest.

    Lead ads can be particularly effective way to promote Facebook competitions. The lead generation form can be pre-populated with the entrant’s information, like name and email address. Therefore, making entry as easy as a couple of taps.

  1. Use targeting to avoid annoying existing fans
    With Facebook’s extensive targeting options, geotarget your contest posts. This way, only the people in the relevant countries or cities can see your Facebook contest. This is also to avoid any frustration from existing fans.

    Hence, make sure you appropriately target any Facebook ads you can use use to promote your contest.

  1. Leverage all your social channels
    Promoting your contest through different social media platforms ensures your contest reaches the broadest possible audience.

    First, you could start with Facebook promotion. Then, you could use Twitter to provide contest updates. If your contest has a photo-sharing element, it’s fitting to cross-promote on Instagram as well.

    Note that you need to schedule your Facebook contest posts so as to avoid annoying your audience with excessive promotion.

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  1. Measure your Facebook contest performance
    When your Facebook contest is over and the prize has been sent to the lucky winner, you may want to reflect on how things went.

    Track your results, and learn from what went right and what didn’t. Then, you can use these to develop strategies in the future and most importantly, track your ROI.

    First, how well do your results match your expectations? Did you choose the right type of contest and the right audience? Also, did you provide clear facebook contest rules, and were they easy to follow? Finally, what was the biggest challenge you encountered in running the contest?

If your contest was a roaring success, you already have a model to use to run another contest in the future.

If it needs some tweaking, then you must gain more facebook contest ideas. Also, you may consider consulting a social media expert. And lastly, think whether you should set different goals or performance targets for your next contest.

Go to Marq Web Designs to help you plan your own Facebook contest. And together, we’ll engage with followers, schedule posts, share videos, manage ads, and measure the results of our efforts.

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