How Social Media Marketing Helps Your Brand


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With the presence of various social media platforms, social media marketing is now a powerful tool for intensifying your brand.

Survey your friends and colleagues. For sure each of them has at least one active social media account. Right? That actually gives businesses like yours ultimate power on the online market to establish your brand through the use of social media marketing.


Your brand is a customer experience showed by a collection of images and ideas. A good brand identity can lead to brand recognition and loyalty through customers’ personal experience with the product or service, and through the influence of effective advertising, design, and strong online presence.

With the advent of social media, customers are now given an avenue to participate in creating or redefining your brand. This may actually pose a challenge to your brand manager as well as social media manager since you could receive tons of customer feedback about your products and services.

With that in mind, your brand seems to be owned (in part) by your customers, and not just you alone. What they think, expect, and share openly about your brand becomes YOUR BRAND.

Though customers are given a certain level of control in this ever-more-social environment, it is exchanged for a much more involved customer base, the possibility of creating a huge number of product advocates, and extract for data that can lead to new and innovative product offers.

Digital marketing allows you to do crowdsourcing, a trend employed by various companies from startups to household names like Coca Cola and McDonalds, where you can socialize with your customers and engage them in the marketing process. This brand marketing strategy is found effective because when customers have input on a product and feel they have made a contribution to its effective advertising, they feel a kinship with the brand name, increasing brand loyalty.


  • Clarify – Decide on how you want your customers to think of you. Define your mission, vision, core strengths, competitive position, and important targets clearly.
  • Be direct – Opt for short and simple messages focusing on their basic and memorable core. Do not send lengthy and complex messages to your customers as you are risking yourself to be misunderstood.
  • Know where to reach them – Find out who your target recipients are, and send messages relevant to them. Craft messages that will make them care about your products or services.
  • Be more personal – Nowadays, people always look for things that reflect their beliefs and those they can connect with emotionally. Offer your customers something to believe in, and you’ll surely earn deep, long-lasting brand loyalty.


Now that you have readied yourself with your brand building strategy, learn how you can use online marketing to be more successful.

  • Guide the vision – As you do not have full control of all aspects of your brand, put as much influence as you can on your customers. By listening and adjusting, you can strengthen your brand identity and brand promise.
  • Listen – Whether positively or negatively, people will talk about your brand even when you’re not paying attention. What is under your control is how engaged you are in every conversation with your customers and what you do with the information gathered from them.
  • Be visible – Do not be afraid to own information. Every business has info they’d like to keep from the public’s eye, but that info often finds its way out. By letting your customers hear them from you, they would appreciate your candidness and honesty, leading to more positive results.
  • Make customer experience excitement – Recognize that your company and your products’ brands are experiences. Any new customer isn’t likely to buy your product if the experience isn’t favorable. Make sure to provide outstanding customer experience from customer feedback through online searches on websites down to after-sales customer service.


Even though these information may seem too much for you to handle, the key point to remember is that despite of having new tools, channels, and rules for establishing a powerful and successful brand identity, a lot of what you know is still applicable. Branding is still about developing relationships, creating interest, understanding, participation, and trust.

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